Vukota Capital is an asset management firm founded in 2010 to focus on alternative investments.  We manage capital for high net worth individuals and family offices based on a value-driven approach.  Our primary investment product is a multi-strategy hedge fund.  The firm utilizes integrated proven investment techniques to construct public market investment portfolios that generate stable income, are not bound by sector allocation constraints, and mitigate market risk.

Multi-Strategy Mandate

Vukota Capital established its multi-strategy approach to public market investing in 2010, which was used to manage the Multi-Strategy Managed Account (MSMA). In December 2013, we launched the Vukota Multi-Strategy Fund, LP (Fund) as our primary investment offering to accredited investors. The mandate performance information combines return results from both the MSMA and the Fund.

* Returns net of 2% management and 20% performance fee.
∆ Multi-Strategy Mandate performance includes Multi-Strategy Managed Account (MSMA) from June 2010 to December 2012 and Vukota Multi-Strategy Fund, LP (Fund) from December 2013 to 2017 YTD.
^ Barclay Equity Long/Short Index.
α MSMA return annualized based on monthly returns from June to December 2010.
# Based on the Fund return from December 9th to 31st, annualized on a simple basis over 12 months.
@  Fund YTD return as of January 31, 2017.
** Compounded annually. Based on MSMA returns from June 2010 to December 2012 and Fund returns for 2013 (23 days), 2014 to 2017 YTD.

Integrated Investment Process

Vukota Capital uses a disciplined investment process that integrates proven techniques including; rigorous top down and bottom up fundamental analysis, market sentiment and technical analysis, and prudent risk management, to achieve strong investment returns.

Our multi-strategy mandate enables the creation of a truly diversified portfolio with the ability to change exposures to market risk and volatility when prudent. The portfolio is typically comprised of up to 30 individual core equity holdings, equity index futures and options, along with futures and options positions in currencies, commodities and US treasuries.

In addition, our mandate has the flexibility to invest in non-public market opportunities which serve to generate stable yield and further diversification against public market risk and volatility.

Integraded investments

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Equity Selection

Positive long-term secular growth trends
Companies in industries with secular growth trends are appealing investments because they have a persistent earnings growth profile which endures through various economic cycles.

Sustainable competitive advantages
Strong competitive advantages prevent entrants and minimize the threat of competition, thereby reinforcing a company’s dominance and ability to generate stable profits and cash flows.

Market price trading at a discount to VCM’s appraised value
Purchasing shares of great businesses at a discount to our appraised value is essential to generating strong capital appreciation and avoiding permanent capital loss.

Strong balance sheets that can withstand a downturn in the economy
Shares of companies with reasonable debt levels and investment grade credit ratings outperform their weaker peers during downturns.

Cash returned to shareholders (dividends, debt repayment and share repurchases)
Investing in stocks with shareholder yields that are sustainable and expected to grow over time produces superior returns.

Insider buying and ownership
The strategy of purchasing stocks that insiders’ are accumulating outperforms the market.

Risk Management Process

At VCM, capital preservation through risk management is paramount to our success. We are committed to delivering strong risk-adjusted returns compared to the overall market and hedge fund benchmarks. Our portfolios are carefully designed using diversification among non-correlated asset classes with a variety of independent macro and fundamental drivers. Individual securities have underlying strong balance sheets, diverse free-cash flow streams and are highly liquid. We adhere to portfolio construction rules and limits, defining overall asset class and long/short exposures in our portfolios. VCM actively monitors market risk daily using its dynamic risk management process. When market and macroeconomic imbalances are evident, portfolio exposures are adjusted and hedged accordingly.

Risk-Managment asset

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