Vukota Capital Management is a privately held investment firm with over $400 million in assets under management.  Founded in 2010, the firm focuses exclusively on alternative investments in both public and private markets.

We strive to achieve absolute risk adjusted returns with low correlation to mainstream investments by implementing more effective strategies in selected markets. Our investment activities are focused on less efficient segments within Real Estate, Public Markets, and Private Equity.

We utilize an integrated approach combining top-down macro-economic and sector analysis with bottom-up security selection and execution.

Our firm’s culture demands analytical rigor, excellence, and a commitment towards constant improvement, while adhering to the highest possible ethical and legal standards

Annualized IRR Since Inception


Differentiated Approach
Generate stable returns by combining proven strategies that produce capital gains, income, and minimize volatility.

Investment Philosophy
Avoidance of permanent capital loss by investing in stable, dominant, cash flowing assets and businesses trading at reasonable valuations.

Team Experience
Wealth of experience in alternative investments with expertise in fundamental equity analysis, real estate investing, execution of complex trading strategies, and active portfolio management.

Alignment of Interests
Majority of the investment team’s net worth is invested on the same terms and conditions as clients.