Managing Alternative Investments in Real Estate, Private Equity, and Public Markets

Vukota Real Estate: A Vertically Integrated Investment Platform Focused on U.S. Multifamily and Medical Office Acquisitions

Vukota Private Equity: Investing in Small and Mid-sized Companies with Proven Products, Technologies, and Capabilities

Vukota Public Markets: Portfolios That Generate Stable Returns and Mitigate Market Risk

A Team with a History of Opportunistically Transacting and Creating Lasting Value

The most important thing is that we do the same things for our investors that we do for ourselves and our families. Well-diversified approaches and strategies will achieve better outcomes over time.

Tom A. Vukota, Founder

Excellence in Alternative Investment Management

We are an investment firm founded in 2010 which focuses on alternative investments. The firm, and its affiliated companies, manages $600+ million on behalf of high net worth individuals, advisors, and institutions, and employs a staff of 30+ corporate professionals and 170+ site level employees. Our diverse range of investment strategies encompass real estate, private equity, and public market alternatives. We prioritize commonsense investing and preservation of capital across all our strategies.

Valley Medical Plaza | Van Nuys, CA

Our Strategies

Vukota Real Estate

Vukota Real Estate identifies and acquires multifamily and medical office assets located in secondary and tertiary markets, and then employs top-class property management to add value.

Vukota Private Equity

Vukota Private Equity invests in established companies led by successful entrepreneurs and management teams in sectors with which we are intimately familiar.

Vukota Public Markets

Vukota Public Markets constructs sector-agnostic public market investment portfolios with the twin goals of stable income and the mitigation of market risk.

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31 May, 2018


Vukota Real Estate Acquires Legacy Crossing Apartments in Omaha, Nebraska

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30 April, 2018


Vukota Real Estate Acquires The Beverly Apartments in Richardson, Texas

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31 October, 2017


Vukota Real Estate Acquires Fireside Village Apartments in Omaha, Nebraska

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